Urban Project - Short Story (Maxi-CD)

Product no.: Drops 42-3

Betwixt and in the thick of things

Crossing the boundaries between POP and Progressive POP

Betwixt and in the thick of things: two strongly figurative concepts which the four-strong Aachen-based band URBANproject seek to project into their very original take on contemporary pop. A distinctive readiness to experiment and to explore new expressive horizons, far off the beaten track of the mainstream, underpins URBANproject’s approach. Presenting an extraordinarily progressive hybrid mix, showcasing features from pop, alternative music, rock, as well as songwriting, URBANproject embody an exciting and refreshingly unpredictable approach to pop. Having built a steadily growing fanbase over recent years, 2021 will see the continuation of URBANproject’s upward musical journey.


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Urban Project - Short Story (Maxi-CD)