Ekkehard Wölk Trio - Pictures in Sounds (LP)

Product no.: Nabel 4729-1

Lars Gühlke Bass
Andrea Marcelli Drums
Kristoff Becker Cello, Electronics (track B3)
Walter Gauchel Saxophone (track A3, A5, B1)
1. Circulus Vitiosus   [3:57]
2. Fairy - Tale Waltz   [6:06]
3. Novecento's Theme   [3:52]
4. Master Gepetto's Nightmare   [4:33]
5. A Child's Belief   [5:07]
1. Bartleby's Blues   [5:24]
2. Grandparents Garden   [5:53]
3. Snowy Landscape   [8:10]
4. Mourning (Piano Solo)   [4:07]

This new trio CD by EKKEHARD WÖLK consists entirely of his earlier compositions. His experience in the field of multistylistic jazz is what lies at the heart of the compositions and arrangements and also the sense of togetherness heard in the band’s improvisational performances.
 The trio, having played together over a considerable number of years, successfully manage to connect concepts of modern jazz (tonal-bound or free collective) in a context in which influences from other musical styles are convincingly mingled.
 Many of the compositions feature extra-musical ideas and images which appear in the compositional texture and are developed in an improvisationally arresting style. This creates, particularly in a live concert setting, a “jazz programme music” inspired by classic models, seeking to combine poetic musical sequences in the mind of the listener.
 One feature of the band’s tried-and-tested concept is to create ever more open sound spaces within the context of the individual compositions, using free improvisation to open up spaces in which the listener's individual associative powers can be released on hearing this music.
This eclectic style is combined with the special powerful vitality and rhythmic finesse of “contemporary jazz”.


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Ekkehard Wölk Trio - Pictures in Sounds (LP)